Cinnamon Atole, a hot drink from Mexico

Somehow as you drink atole, it feels so good as the warm beverage is going down to your body, like family hug. (kids love it!) This drink is particularly good for its nutritional properties. It nurtures and helps hydrate the body. It also helps keep your immune system at peak performance, perfect for wintertime!
This recipe is for 4 people if you want to make more only duplicate all the quantities.

cinnamon atole


2 cups of milk (whole, skimmed, coconut, oat, almond)
2 cups of water
1/4 cup of water
1/4 cup oat meal
2 tablespoons of cornstarch
1 cinnamon stick
200 g of condensed milk ( you can add more)


-Pour the milk and water into a saucepan. Add the cinnamon stick and turn up the heat to medium-high.
-Combine the cornstarch with 1/4 cup of water. Mix well and reserve.
-Once the water and milk are boiling, slowly stir the cornstarch/water mix, using a strainer to avoid any lumps.
-Add the condensed milk and the oat meal, stir for about 6-8 more minutes until the mixture has thickened.                                            -Remove the cinnamon stick before serving, serve very hot.

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