grandma pumpkin sweet

a traditional dessert from Mexico

pumpkin sweet
pumpkin sweet

It is the perfect time for you to enjoy this traditional  grandma pumpkin dessert. And the best thing is that you can easily prepare it at home!


1 medium – large pumpkin (2Kg.)
1 orange
500 grams dark muscovado sugar
3 cinnamon sticks
250 ml of water


1.- Cut the pumpkin into large pieces
2.- Cut the orange into slices
3.- Place the pumpkin pieces and orange slices in a large pot
4.- Put the water
5.- Sprinkle the sugar on the pieces of the pumpkin and the orange.
6.- Break the cinnamon sticks into three parts and place them in the pot.
7.- Put the pot over medium heat for 50 minutes, it has to boil, check how cooked the pumpkin is, it has to have a soft texture but not overcooked, if it needs a little more cooking, increase it by about 10 more minutes.

Done! It is served hot or warm, you can remove the orange slices and seeds, it is up to you, enjoy it with tea in the afternoon.

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