ceremonial collection

handmade in Mexico with a french touch

A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.
~ Islamic Proverb

The story behind this collaboration is a positive result of COVID times 😉 Claudia founder of A MOI PARIS and Alejandra founder of MESHIKO met online, they agreed on their ideas about fashion, society and sustainability. They started working together on a small jewelry collection, they mixed their ideas and backgrounds and the result was the ceremonial collection, handmade in Mexico a french touch.

This collection was hand beaded by Huichol Indigenous and that’s exactly what we want to talk about it.

The Huichol lifestyle is rich in ceremonial practices. There are specific ceremonies for the four seasons, which are meant to bring balance and harmony to each person.

Ceremonies are a time for people to come together and focus on the spirit world, this normally hidden universe that runs parallel to our world. Shamans work to unite these two worlds to bring ‘kupuri’ or life force into the bodies and souls of the people. They say that this in turn conveys good health and good luck to all.

This is one of the biggest artistic people in Mexico, their processes and creations are invariably linked to a mystical sense – the spirit as the raw material of art, and vice versa. Any piece of art in this group is based on experiences associated with they environment and family.

The crafts of this ethnic group were born as an offering to the gods, but also as a way of communicating to their community, and even to the rest of the world the messages of the divinity.

As you can read, each piece of this collection has a soul and we are sure that you will feel the magic inside the “ceremonial collection”.

Alex C.

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