Handmade leather artisan bag

Weavers from Santo Tomas Jalieza Cooperative

Thanks to the tenacity and talent of local indigenous women from Santo Tomas Jalieza,  who have formed and organised a cooperative whose principal aim is preserving their traditions making handmade textiles with backstrap loom Meshiko found in their wonderful textiles a window of inspiration to create our line of clutch bags.

Jolom Mayaetik Cooperative

Meshiko has been working with the Jolom Mayaetik cooperative, an example of a well organised and entrepreneurial group of indigenuos women whose main activity is the creation of textiles. They’ve mastered the backstrap loom technique for centuries and Meshiko is partnership with them to show the world how unique and special their creations are. We’ve been using their textiles on our line of handbags and it has been a great honor to see how such a lovely community is growing on all fronts. In their personal lives by improving their financial stability and growing their confidence in themselves as well as a community by being well organised and act as a true cooperative.  

Jarquin Family

Jarquin Family from Oaxaca is a partnership with us to create amazing handmade textiles for our collection with pedal loom technique, this technique is complex and highly rhythmic, it takes patience and considerable practice to assemble the threads, particularly when using thicker materials. With its vast size, the pedal requires space more akin to a member of the family.

Women embroiderers from Zinacantan

Paulina is from Zinacantan, a small indigenous town called Jewel of southern Mexico, it is full of talented embroiderers, their creations are full of colours and textures. It is a people that loves flowers, sows them and embroiders them on their garments, each indigenous woman embroiderer deposits her vision of the world, the history of where they grew up.  The Zinacantan embroiderers are organised and in full growth, they want to show the world the historical richness that surrounds them and their textile traditions that are kept alive through the generations.

handmade beaded earrings

Pablo Zacatenco

Pablo is our indigenous artisan, creator of our line of earrings, he is from a town in central Mexico called San Pablito and belongs to the Otomi indigenous community, they are especially famous for their beaded creations, they create all kinds of beaded jewellery, like bracelets, earrings, belts and highly decorated blouses full of colour and life. His parents taught him the art of embroidering beads from a very young age, he is a great person and a very positive being, he continually responds “everything can be done with patience”. 

Handmade leather artisan bag

Women embroiderers from Aguacatenango

Juana is part of a small indigenous population that is dedicated to the creation of embroidered clothing. Blouses and skirts are iconic, with wonderful colourful flowers and leafs embroidery. Her house is Surrounded by highland valleys, fields full of corn, and pine forest. She and her group of embroiderers created your blouse. Your blouse is 100% handmade, the artisans prepare and cut the fabric, draw the flowers on it and carefully embroider each one, after finishing all the embroidery on your top, they place the pieces by hand and shape the blouse, it is a process that takes at least four to five days.